Lisbon protects animals via email

Lisbon protects animals via email

Through the ages, animals have played a significant role in the lives of humans as we walked side by side.

Unfortunately, not everybody values these God-given creatures, this leads to animal abuse and abandonment.

Lisbon in particular has taken a stand against this by bringing into play an email address ( to report animal abuse or abandonment. A 21POLICIA phone line has already been in place for some time now.

This forms part of the ‘Maus tratos a animais são crime’ campaign or “Mistreating animals is a crime” campaign.

It is reported that 100 000 animals are abandoned each year in Portugal and 3000 of them are in Lisbon.

As of 1 October last year, the new animal protection law came into effect, criminalising animal abuse and abandonment.

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