Lisbon Web Summit in the Portuguese capital


Lisbon Web Summit that just took place last week in the Portuguese capital is the biggest information technology conference in the world.

The Web Summit is the world’s largest annual gathering of technology and start up companies.

The Summit comprises a number of conferences, including Planet Tech that concentrates on developments in environmental and clean technology designed to use technology to solve global problems.

Planet Tech showcased 20 of the most impactful start ups as part of the conference summit, highlighting some products such as ultra low power sensor devices to monitor air quality, water, soil and asset condition monitoring.

The mega event, which was held in the Meo Arena of Portuguese International Fair, involved more than 60.000 attendees and 650 speakers from 160 countries.

The event was covered by 2200 journalists, while 68% of the participants were senior management executives of international corporations.

The participation was a mix of CEOs and founders of tech start ups together with a range of people from across the global technology industry, as well as related industries.

The speakers were a kaleidoscope of our planet most influent personalities, ranging from UN, NGOs, former Presidents politicians and intellectuals, like Antonio Guterres, Al Gore, François Hollande and Antonio Costa and movie stars and fashion models like Sara Sampaio and Rosario Dawson.

One of the speakers was the Prime Minister Antonio Costa who talked about investment opportunities in Portugal.

The topic of the conference was cantered on internet technology and attendees ranged from Fortune 500 companies to smaller tech business.

The impact of more than sixty thousand visitors in the short period of one week was extremely beneficial for Lisbon tourism and a great boost to the hospitality business.

The old quarters of town like Bairro Alto and river pubs and restaurants of Cais do Sodre and Santos were full of visitors eager to enjoy the late night-time entertainment.