For the love of Pizza, try Ferdinando’s

For the love of Pizza, try Ferdinando’s!

It seems like the Ninja Turtles aren’t the only ones who have an appetizing love for pizza as Kloof Street was abuzz with the reopening of Ferdinando’s Pizzeria on Wednesday night.

Guests were welcomed with a drink on arrival as they entered a Victorian home which seemed to teem with new life. With the opening starting at 18:00, guests came in their numbers. And before you knew it, an echoing room droned with warm social enthusiasm.

Though many people starting pouring in, there was one person missing in the crowd- the hostess. Where could she be? Fashionably late of course! Coming in with feathered lashes, a stroke of colour everywhere and a smile to light up the room.

For the love of Pizza, try Ferdinando's - Kimon

Naturally, Kimon Bisogno fell in and served her guests but didn’t forget to make a little time to throw in a quick chat as she did so. With the theme being 60’s peace and love, there could be no mistaking the sounds of Tom Jones and the Beach Boys belting from the DJ box.

Let’s not forget about her boyfriend who she runs the Pizzeria with, Diego Milesi, who tirelessly made pizza with the broadest of smiles. One can only assume that the secret ingredients must be a combination of love and passion. If this is so, then the feeling definitely reverberated through to the guests.


Ferdinando’s, which had been operating from their home slowly started to spread their wings. With natural consideration for their neighbours, they closed down since December until they could relocate.

Not only was this evening a special one because of the reopening of the pizzeria but it was also to celebrate the life of Diego’s mother, who had tragically passed away earlier this year.
“She loved Crochet and that’s why we have that here,” Kimon said.

If you are wondering where the Pizzeria got its name, then wonder no further, they named it after their pooch.


“All my art is based on Ferdinando. He loves pizza and he is the boss,” Kimon chuckled.

If you are looking for a pizza spot, look no further than 84 Kloof Street. For bookings you can call Kimon on 084 771 0485.

Chilton Mellem
Editor, With a National Diploma in Journalism from CPUT and experience as a newspaper reporter, Chilton shares Dino’s passion for the Portuguese community in South Africa.