Love the Wine you’re with


Tasked with this somewhat daunting assignment; I ask myself, “How does one blog about wine when it’s such a vast topic and one of such personal taste?” Then I am reminded that I am fortunate to be involved in the industry on a daily basis; enjoy its beautiful sights, remarkable people and last but certainly not least, it’s wonderful produce… wine in all its forms.

I’ve been called many things in my 41 years, but never would I have imagined ‘blogger’ to be one of them. But with a glass of Creation Whale Pod in hand, lets tackle the challenge, I hope you enjoy this vinous tour.

Love the Wine you're withBeing of Portuguese descent,as kids, we were exposed to wine at a young age. Like when we were given a glass of wine at Sunday lunch.(Granted, most times it was mixed with coke, but it was great!) When we had a cough, it was warm milk with a shot of whisky, or if we were niggly and couldn’t sleep; it was port and …”Night, night dormirbem”. I could never understand why our fathers would so enjoy Avô’s vinho tinto in the garage, and this drunk out of whisky tumblers or even paper cups, until I was old enough to understand; wine is about social occasions, friends, and life, even this pale battery acid has its place. Every wine has its occasion, every wine suits any dish…if that’s how YOU enjoy it.

There can very often be an element of snobbery attributed to wine. People are often too shy to ask questions, try or suggest new things in the fear of being laughed at. “I can’t smell/taste the freshly cut grass, citrus and peachy flavours, so let me just drink Durbanville Hills Sauvignon Blanc; it’s what I know, a safe bet and sure to be liked by most”. I hope to make wine easy to understand and exciting, so that one can break out that mould and try a Chenin Blanc from AA Badenhorst or something a little more obscure like a Riesling from Paul Cluver.

Wine SelectionsThis blog is for beginners and seasoned wine tasters alike. It’s for those, who like me, have become curious about wines and how to enjoy them to the utmost.
Over the coming months I hope to cover topics such as the different grapes and their resulting wines. I’ll suggest some quaffable wines for affordable drinking, some special finds or unique bottling’s, and some cellaring favourites. Which wine to take to book club (as ladies, we do know it’s not about the latest Jodi Picoult novel, but rather to moan about your husband and express your undying love for CR7), and relay news and interesting events.

Delaire HarvestA final consideration: Never read the back label, unless you have an interest in 17th century history and how the manor house and the slave gardener inspired the owner, a French Huguenot, to produce award winning wines. The only valuable information on the back label is the alcohol percentage (less is best), the grape varietals used in the case of a blend, and the website address, in the event you want to purchase online.

Until next time, Ciao

Michael Fernandes
Born and raised in Cape Town, Fortunate to call the wine industry my work place. Wine lover, collector and most importantly…consumer. Blessed with an amazing family. Favourite thing of all time: Long boozy lunches with family and friends. On the menu, good food, good wine, loads of laughter…. and time will stand still.