Lusito Land Festival Menu Announced


PORTUGAL’S ever-popular sugary fartura is the centrepiece of this year’s annual culinary showcase, the Lusito Land Festival which will take place from April 26 to May 1, at its new and improved venue at Cayman Road, Alewynspoort, Johannesburg South.

Farturas are Moorish-inspired pastries, and are as Portuguese as other timeless favourites: grilled piri piri chicken, chouriço, prego rolls, chicken livers, giblets and seafood, including prawns and calamari. All these will be available at six 300-seater restaurants, six pubs and street cafés at the festival – prepared as only the Portuguese can!

The farturas will be cooked by teachers, parents and volunteers of the Lusito School, the charitable beneficiary of the Lusito Land Festival. The Farturas are a Portuguese version of Mexican churros. They are long, tube-shaped doughnuts with ridges, made with flour, eggs and salt. They are fried in vegetable oil and sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar. This delicacy has become a favourite at the Lusito Land Festival with on average 70 000 sold, using 3 000kg of flour, 3 000 litres of oil, 31 500 eggs, 62kg of salt, 1 375kg of sugar and 53kg of cinnamon.

Relax in one of our pubs and sip on the Lusito Land Caipirinha, a cocktail of cane, castor sugar and lemons, sample a Portuguese beer or a Catembe while nibbling on a Portuguese Petisco.

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