Lusito Land Relocates To New Venue


This year and going forward Lusito Land will be held at a new and improved venue close to The Eye of Africa; 2017 will mark the 36th year of this widely-loved Portuguese extravaganza.

NAOMI Contente, spokesperson for the Lusito Association for Physically and Mentally Handicapped, announced the new venue for Lusito Land, on Thursday, February 23.

“This year and going forward, Lusito Land will be held at a new and improved venue in Cayman Road, Alewynspoort, close to The Eye of Africa and this will mark the 36th year of this widely-loved Portuguese extravaganza,” said Contente. This year the Portuguese festival will be held from Wednesday, April 26 to Monday, May 1.

Besides celebrating Portuguese pride, the festival serves a greater purpose. Every year the profits made from the festival go to the Lusito Association, which manages the Lusito School. The school works with 80 learners who need special care. The cost of caring for special-needs children and adults is beyond the ability of many families, and with funds raised from Lusito Land festivals, parents need only pay R1 700 a month while the school subsidises the remainder of the R5 500 monthly school fee.

“Lusito Land was created in 1981 and has continued to take place every year, specifically to raise funds for the school. Without the money generated from the festival, these children would have no hope for an education,” added Contente.

For many regular visitors to Lusito Land, the move from its traditional home in Wemmer Pan at Pioneer Park will come with a heavy heart as many people have fond memories of this iconic location. However, Contente believes the move is in the best interest of the learners, who rely on the much-needed funds. “We felt that a new, upmarket venue would offer improved dynamics for a mass festival of this nature. We intend to make the new Lusito Land the top cultural event of the calendar for Joburg,” she continued.

“It is our intention to refocus on the Portuguese element of the festival for 2017. This will again be the highlight of the Portuguese tradition year, with some of the finest South African musicians and bands taking to the stage as well as some of the country’s tastiest Portuguese cuisine sizzling on the grills. We are going to build on the core values of the festival: a wide variety of entertainment; affordable prices; a social event to spend quality time with family and friends, all the time knowing you are contributing to a worthwhile cause,” concluded Contente.

Ticket prices: Adults R120, children and pensioners R50, children under five, free. Tickets will be available at Computicket or at the entrance to the festival. Free secure parking.

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