Luso Legend: Gus Rafael

Luso Legend: Gus Rafael
How did you get into football?
I started at an early age where I played in Woodstock for Paddock.
How did you come to join Vasco?
After playing at Paddock I joined Bay View at the age of about 15 or 16. Then Vasco formed in the 1980s. When Vasco started, Bay View was in the first division and Vasco was in the fourth division. They asked me to join them and I did.
What makes Vasco special?
Vasco achieved more than what most could achieve. From the fourth division they got promoted every year to the first division. Vasco was a community club and the guys who played there, knew each other and we achieved everything together.
Who was the most influential person at Vasco for you?
I would say that would be Marcy de Nobrega. He was the chairman at the time and we always spoke. He always encouraged me and believed I could go further.
After Vasco what did you do?
I played for Hellenic and Santos but now I still play a bit of football. I play a lot of golf and tennis too.
What were your best memories at the club?
I would say winning the club championships when it first started. We went up to Johannesburg for it. It was like a tour and us boys had a lot of fun.
What is your message to the current Vasco squad?
They must just remain relaxed and they must give 110%, don’t let anything worry them and have fun.