Luxury Hotel Goes to the Dogs

Luxury Hotel Goes to the Dogs

CAPE TOWN, South Africa — In early December 2015, Yanic Klue opened what she is calling South Africa’s first luxury dog hotel — a place to pamper the pets of this pooch-obsessed country.

For as little as 250 rand, or around $17, man can treat his best friend to an evening of luxury at a former nightclub in Cape Town’s colorful Bo-Kaap neighborhood.

The tailored experience at this canine castle can include dawn walks along Cape Town’s Atlantic beaches, or an evening climb up the slopes near Table Mountain. More sedentary mutts can watch Animal Planet on screens mounted in the lobby and within each of seven themed suites.


Puns took pre-eminence in naming rooms like the nautically appointed Pupeye the Sailor suite. There is also the palm-tree-wallpapered Jurassic Bark and the brightly lighted Hollywoof. “Puppyrazzi Strictly Prohibited” reads a sign on the latter’s glass door.


Ms. Klue has also drawn inspiration from politics. In addition to the Dogald Trump suite, a K9 Nkandla room is named after the town where President Jacob Zuma was found last year to have spent more than $20 million of public money to renovate his private residence.

“We wanted to make it fun,” said Bianca Geater, a 29-year-old designer who helped Ms. Klue name the suites and furnish them with dog-size duvets and sofas as well as pink flamingos and gilded frames: “It’s a place where dogs’ dreams can come true.”


Overnight guests mingle upstairs during the day with patrons of an hourly doggy day-care service. Finicky parents can pack special cooked or canned meals for their beloved beasts.

While separated from their pets, owners can monitor their TV-engrossed dogs via webcam and a smartphone app.

“People are not dog owners anymore,” said Ms. Klue, “they’re pet parents.”

Billed as Africa’s first five-star accommodations for canines, Cape Town’s atFrits Dog Hotel is where you want to take your pets for the ultimate luxury experience.

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