Madeiran waters holds big catch

Madeiran waters holds big catch

The 4th of July had a different meaning for angler, Anthony Johnson who led the crew of the Pesca Grossa to victory.

Johnson and his crew consisting of Gerard de Silva and Duarte Nuno Goncalves took to the waters of Madeira in search of the biggest blue Marlin they could find. This was part of the 31st annual Blue Marlin World Cup Championship.

This is an international competition with only one winner, so the pressure is on to find the biggest Marlin anywhere in the world. The competition only takes place for one day and everyone is notified when the biggest Marlin is found. The minimum requirement for a weigh in is 500 Pounds.

This year, Johnson and his crew made it difficult for the rest by pulling a 652 pound Marlin from the Madeiran waters.

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