Martinus’ dream comes true after disaster

Ronaldo's good deed comes full circle

Sometimes when disaster strikes, something good can come from it, we might not see it immediately but eventually things will unfold.

This was true in the case of a young seven-year-old boy named Martinus who survived one of the most devastating natural disasters. In 2004, a powerful Tsunami left parts of South East Asia in ruin, not to mention the 200 000 people who had lost their lives.

But a young boy of seven was found and rescued, he had survived on puddles of water and noodles which were lying around. That boy was Martinus, who was rescued wearing the Portuguese international football kit.

A short while after, he got to meet his football icon, Cristiano Ronaldo, who took it upon himself to pay for Martinus’ education.

Nearly a decade later, this touching story came full circle as Martinus has now been signed to Sporting Lisbon. This is also the first senior club that Ronaldo has played for.

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