Mateus Rosé is 75 years old


Mateus Rosé, the emblematic Portuguese wine is 75 years old.

Mateus was the first Portuguese wine brand to be loved the world over, appealing to different tastes and cultures and recognised in the farthest corners of the world.

Mateus wine accounts for almost 40% of Portugal’s total exports of table wines.

The wine was created in 1942 when it launched an entirely new concept – a wine of strong personality and unique taste presented in an unusual, innovative bottle, becoming an immediate success and a globally famous trade mark.

The iconic narrow-necked, flask-shaped bottle and the illustrious “baroque historic mansion” of the label, the Mateus Palace in Vila Real, in Northern Portugal, were also the marketing factors that contributed to the trade name success.

The bottle was first inspired by the hip-flasks used by soldiers in the First World War, creating a shape that stood out in a crowd of tall bottles.

The label, unusually elegant and innovative for the period, was an ode to its rich Portuguese background.

But inside the iconic bottle, there was a new kind of wine, something different – pink, refreshing, slightly sparkling and extremely versatile.

Mateus Rosé is the Portuguese trade mark with the widest availability internaionally being sold in 125 countries.