Metallic, the all day fabric

Metallic, the all day fabric
Photograph by Eric Uys Photography

If you love gold, silver or anything that shines, you will love this season’s metallic trend.

This lustrous and shiny material can be worn, day or night. From a metallic frock to a little glimmer in your clutch.

You will love the rich, lavish feel of the metallics, as it gives the feeling of luxury and glamour.

As said before, this material can be worn during the day or at night but just remember to go with less accessories when wearing your shimmery garment.

Photograph by Eric Uys Photography

You could wear a shiny pant with a soft shirt or knit, even a t shirt.

Your jacket could be fully sequenced teamed with a great fit indigo denim. Do not be scared of bold colours in sequence as they work as well.

The metallic colours range from gold to silver to military or you could do a bold red evening dress with minimal make-up and jewellery. Also, a pastel dress works well for the not so brave. The metallics also come in matt shades if you are scared of all the bling.

Photograph by Eric Uys Photography

A matt metallic knee length pencil skirt for a more subdued look will work very well for the non glitz lovers. However, be sure to match it with a soft sheer silk blouse.