Microchip reunites Susana Panto with Yorkshire terrier

Microchip reunites owner with Yorkshire terrier

“Dogs are a man’s best friend” This statement has been used for ages by people from around the world and it can’t be more true.  Kika, a Yorkshire terrier, went missing for two days after running away from her home in London.


She was eventually found 3 Kilometres away and taken to Mayhew Animal Home rescue centre in Kensal Green. Fortunately for Kika and her owner, Susana Panto, she was microchipped which allows the Animal Home to search for the dog’s ownership details in their database. In this case Paul Grimes an officer at the Mayhew Animal Home hit a snag when they were unable to find anything in the UK database, and ended up having to do some detective work. It turns out that Kika was registered in the Portugal database.

“Amazingly when I rang the Portuguese company the owner had updated the chip company with their details.” said Paul. “It was a good result for the Mayhew and they were both very happy to see each other.”


Susana Panto, who lives in Cricklewood, added: “I got her from Portugal and luckily I had her microchipped. She gets separation anxiety as I work nights and I think that’s why she wandered off.

This amazing story came during National Microchip Month in the UK and they say by April 2016 it will be compulsory for pets to be Microchipped. This rule will be enforced as it helps not only to reunite owners with their pets but also make more people accountable for their actions if they abandon their pets.

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