Mike Laranjeira fighting for goals

JP "The Ruthless" Weber, Mike Laranjeira and Monty Kalil with their titles.

We live in a time that needs goals, aims and challenges, but at the same time does often offer the time or opportunity for such things. Watching the Guys and Girls (yes! GIRLS) at the K1 Kickboxing Club in The Gym Company in Winchester Hills you can see that these people have found at least one solution to the problem.

The class is made up of students that want to get a little fit, some that just want a bit of fun and a workout, others, including the two young ladies, who want to learn to defend themselves, and some that want to go for gold in a professional tournament, all doing the same thing together.


Their trainer, Mike Laranjeira, a Portuguese coach who has seen several greats to their titles, is currently helping two more fighters, JP Weber and Monty Kalil towards professional status, and given that Weber knocked out his opponent to win just recently at Fight Night in Pretoria, it looks like they are going to get their goal too! Weber has gained the ‘Super Amateur Champion Belt, and Kalil has won himself the K1 Cup.

Says Mike, the Coach, “This is the kind of sport that is fun, effective and a great way to learn discipline, focus and to keep yourself in good shape, whether you want to be a professional or just want to have fun, you know, work out… “Certainly the class was clearly having plenty of fun, no matter what their aim was, and given how keen they were to get on the floor and start up, they are enjoying every minute!

By Philip Allebone – Voz Portuguesa