Monique de Souza’s brutal attack

monique de souzas brutal attack

Monique de Souza was faced with a horrible scene on Tuesday when her privacy was violated by a group of men.

The intruders came into her home which she shared with her fiancé, Jakes van Deventer, and children. One of the men proceeded to stab Jakes repeatedly in front of Monique. She describes the gruesome scene in detail by saying that Jakes’ blood splattered against the ceiling with every blow as well as seeing his insides come out.

It was at this time that Jakes’ daughter from a previous relationship came into the room and told the attackers to leave her father alone. They responded by telling her to go back to her room and to go sleep.

They then tried to rape Monique. As one of the attackers was taking off his belt she made use of a knife which she keeps at her bedside. She attacked the man which led to the rest of the attackers fleeing. As she struggled to fight off her attacker, she broke her fingers in the process.

She is now recovering at St Vincent Hospital. However, she will always be left with Jakes’ final words etched in her mind, “Promise me you’ll look after our children”.

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