Music is part of life

Music is part of life

Music is a lifesaver – despite our busy lives we run to music for help, it always provides comfort and doesn’t judge our problems – it has the answer to it.

About 4 hours of my day is spent on listening to music, not because I’m a dj and it’s part of my “job”, but because music is a part of my life and it keeps me sane.

Therefore, today I provide you with a few favourites of mine. You too can submit your favourites, you can send an email to .

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340ml is a band that is originally from Maputo, and Mozambique, but they are now based in Johannesburg.

Pharrell Williams is the mastermind behind this great Rnb production.

Catchy track by American band, MGMT. I got to watch these guys perform it live at Rocking the Daisies.

South African rappers killing it at the moment – AKA & K.O

Ana Malhoa collaborating with Puerto Rican Producers, Luney Tunes. The original artists of this track are Dyland y Lenny.

Tania De Gouveia
DJ, Welcome to my world – Portuguese DJ born in Cape Town. Resident on GoodHope FM for the Cereal Mix – every second Saturday at 8am, as well as, Drs in the House – Saturday at 9pm.


  1. Great….Yes Music is part of everyone’s life…Without listening the music a day can’t be ended….It is necessary part of our life…..It is said that “Music touches us emotionally, where words alone can’t.” Without this music there is nothing…..