‘NA NA NA’ by Chris Ribeiro

'NA NA NA' by Chris Ribeiro

Remember the funky rendition of the “Bailinho de Madeira”? Chris Ribeiro has just released his new single, NA NA NA.

This is a crazy song which personifies Chris’s personality. He grew up with cartoons and video games and thought it fitting to be able to connect both in a song by mixing the characters here. That is why he chose Cinderella, Mario and Luigi as the main characters.


The story of this song is very simple. It’s about a princess whom he would like to please but she always goes away with somebody else. Cinderella prefers the Chinese rider with his legendary Horse dance. Peach who normally favours Mario now prefers Luigi!

Chris mixes and shakes things up in this song and the result is entertaining!

Music of the album: “Filhos da Nação”

Produção Musical: Alexandre Cardoso
directed by Klasszik & JKP Studio

  • Bailarinos
  • Miguel Ângelo, Cesariny Martins, Damaris Ribeiro Rodrigues e Annabelle Da Fonte
  • Choreographer Annabelle Da Fonte – AFAgency
  • Stylist Joka Kasquinha

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phone: +33 620 300 321
Email: crea-prod@live.fr

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Itunes: itunes.apple.com/pt/album/filhos-da-nacao/id1036771648
Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/Chris-Ribeiro-751390128236338/
Instagram: Chrisribeiroartist