“We need two months like this to beat the drought”


Recent rains have brought a glimpse of hope to overcome Portugal’s deficit in its water supply.

According to Matos Fernandes, the Portuguese Minister of Environment Minister, the seasonal winter rain has helped to dry invert the dry spell that has affected the country in recent years.

The Minister has warned however that the Portugal has to “adapt to long periods with less water and with a greater irregularity of Winter rain.”

It has also been emphasized that the pattern of water availability in the country follows traditional tendency of climatic conditions between the Northern and southern regions of Portugal.

In general, it can be said that above the Tejo river there is no drought situation but to South of the Tejo it exists and, in the Sado basin, where level of water in the dams that is very low, not exceeding 20%, which is worrying.





It is believed however that if the pattern that the rain that is falling continues until Spring that the crisis can be over at least for the current year.

In this sense, the responsible for the environment said that “farmers and irrigation associations will have Every year as summer approaches, areas around the world grow concerned about seasonal drought.

Throughout the winter, many places monitor precipitation and the snow pack to prepare for what the warmer, drier months may bring. In addition, there are areas where drought is a regular year to year occurrence that lasts longer than just the summer.

From hot deserts to the freezing poles, drought is something that affects plants, animals, and people worldwide.

The Minister of Environment added that Portugal, like many other regions in the world, must get used to the impact of climate change and to adapt to periods with less water and greater irregularity in its distribution.