Nine year old Portuguese girl kidnapped in France


Police are doing intense search  after a nine year old lusodescendant girl went missing from a family wedding amid fears that she could have been kidnapped.

A suspect has been arrested in connection with the kidnapping of a nine year old lusodescendant girl that went missing from a family wedding in a small French town.

Police are continuing with an intense search while several DNA clues indicate that the kidnapped girl had been inside the suspect’s vehicle.

The young girl, called Maelys, was last seen last week at a wedding party she went with her mother in the French village of Pont-de-Beauvoisin.

At the end of the event when her family was preparing to go home they could not find Maelys.

After a DJ announced she had disappeared, friends and guests searched for the girl until the police were called and a formal kidnapping investigation was launched.

Officers suspect a criminal act may have taken place as three sniffer dogs reportedly found Maëlys’ scent – using her cuddly toy – both in the hall and out in the car park but the trail then went cold, giving rise to the suspicion she may have been bundled in a vehicle and driven off by kidnappers.

About 180 guests were present at the wedding and all have now been interviewed, two of them arrested but later released.