Nobel opera inspired by José Saramago

nobel opera inspired by jose

Many of us should know by now that almost every movie has derived from a book. Before then, operas too, were based on novels which composers read or were commissioned to write.

Believe it or not, operas are still written today and a special one will be premiered on Thursday night at the ODC Theatre in San Francisco. The opera is composed by the American composer, Kurt Rohde.

The book entitled, ‘As Intermitências da Morte that inspired the opera was written by Portuguese Nobel Prize winner, José Saramago, which was released in 2005. Even though the Opera keeps the English name, ‘Death With Interruptions,’ the book was translated in 2008.

According to the composer, the opera was about love, death and sex. “so it’s the three things that all opera is about,” the composer said.

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