Nuno Sá wins best underwater photographer

Nuno Sá is best underwater photographer

Nowadays everybody fancies themselves to be a photographer, but when it comes down to taking good, professional pictures, adapting to the skill might not be that easy.

For Nuno Sá, championing the trade seems to have come effortless as he has won the Underwater Photographer of The Year 2015. The competition was run by UPY, which is based in London and aims to recognise excellence in the field of underwater photography.

Nuno triumphed over 2500 entries from 40 countries with his photograph entitled, “ 50 Tons of Me”.

This is not the first time this Portuguese photographer has tasted victory as he has received acknowledgement from the 2015 Our World Underwater Competition as well. In 2013, Nuno Sá was the winner of Nature’s best Photographer and in ‘2011, he won the Epson Underwater Grand Prix – World Shootout Award’.

The 38-year-old photographer was born in Montreal, Canada to Portuguese parents. At age 11, he moved to Portugal and completed his education.

He now has a degree in law, even though he settled in Azores to pursuit a career in marine life photography.

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