Old fire station proves innovative


One of the oldest fire fighting corporations in Portugal have shown that they are no old geyser when it comes to being innovative, coming up with two revolutionary ideas.

The hardworking firemen at Viana do Castelo’s, which was founded in 1881, have come up with a transport service for dogs called, “Pet Mobile”.  Pet Mobile is available to all local citizens at an affordable low cost.

The second idea was a home-based nursing service.

“We have to come up with new ideas because we cannot live off government subsidies,” said Luciano Moure, vice-president of the fire station.

Proving that nothing goes to waste, the fire station is making use of a vehicle which is subject to be decommissioned to carry out their new project.


In the same way, they gave new life to an ambulance and changed it into a mobile nursing station.

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