Online shoppers boom in Portugal

Online shoppers boom in Portugal

With modern technology, things have become easier and more accessible ever so often.

One of the fascinations with technology and the internet is online shopping. These days one can purchase anything from food to clothing, anything seems to go.

Portugal seems to be putting their foot more and more on the bandwagon as here has been a huge increase in online shopping.

According to SIBS, which conducted a study and who is in charge of the country’s Multibanco ATM machines said the number of online shoppers have doubled over a span of four years. They have made revenue which went from 1.5 billion Euros to 3 billion euros.

Topping the list was hotel bookings and plane tickets followed by clothing and shoes.

The most preferred method of payment for online goods was credit card. The study showed that 53 percent of shoppers paid with a credit card.

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