How to order at a Portuguese Cafe


Planning a holiday to Portugal? Zara over at backpackme has written an interesting article on ordering food from a Portuguese Cafe, aka Pastelaria.

Zara writes, “As the number of tourists coming to Portugal increases, I have been able to observe certain tendencies. Lisbon, like a good representation of Portugal as a whole, is a city known for its immense number of cafés and pastelarias (literally, pastry shops). Coffee breaks and sweet bites are a part of the Portuguese lifestyle, and I am happy to see visitors embracing these little local traditions.

But I am also a little sad to see how, in most cases, foreigners will end up entering contemporary coffee shops that often announce their products with English ads by their windows. These are, in many cases, chain establishments that, yes, do have a vision and know how to attract foreign customers, but aren’t representative of everything a Portuguese pastelaria has to offer – not to mention they are often pricier too!

While other pastelarias don’t step up their game and make their signs in English too, I hope this information will come in handy. I would love to see more people walk into the good old Portuguese pastelarias, which are everywhere, but can be a little intimidating if you don’t know the local language.”

We have attached the PDF that was shared on the backpackme website. Just click on the image below to view “How to Order at a Portuguese Cafe” PDF guide: