Palmela. Is it a motive for concern?

The emblem of Volkswagen

It is looking from the distance that you get a better view of the landscape.

We are talking about Auto Europa, the automotive assembly plant, located in the city of Palmela, near Lisbon and the long months of negotiations around the working hours over the weekends.

From the perspective of the Portuguese immigrants that left their homes and went to work in foreign countries, when the economy was not looking good and all industries small or big were shutting down, what is happening today maybe cause of concern.

Our compatriots left home to labor under the most difficult conditions in distant shores, to send their savings to help their families and invest in Portugal.

Independently of the merit of both sides of the arm wrestling between employers and employees of the Auto Europa factory of Palmela there is a motive for apprehension to see an economic driver like Volkswagen, the number one automobile producer in the world, that contributes more than 1% to the Portugal’s GDP, 4.5% of total national exports that sends abroad 98% of its production, contemplating the possibility of taking its business somewhere else.

The Portuguese of the diaspora have noticed with great satisfaction the recent economic indicators pointing in the direction of economic recovery of about 2% in 2018, but all efforts of good governance can be affected by such a critical situation as the Palmela plant.

Jay Fernandes
Master’s Degree G. Ph. from the University of Lisbon. Academic and teacher. Television , radio and press reporter / commentator