Paula Rego makes record painting sale

Paula Rego's painting makes record sale

A picture says a thousand words they say and for Portuguese artist, Paula Rego, a picture also fetched over 1.6 million Euros in an action in London. This has made it a record sale for the her.

The portrait entitled, “The cadet and his sister” is an acrylic painting on a piece of paper which was completed in 1988. This work shares something significant with the painter as this was the year her husband, Victor Willing passed away from multiple sclerosis.

The painting depicts a young cadet heading off to battle as he bids his sister farewell. She is kneeling and tying his shoes before he leaves.

The painting has been the property of a US collector and was valued at just over 1.3 million. But during the auction at Sotheby’s the painting fetched for 1 614 795 Euros.

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