Pedro Queiros & Lourenco Macedo Santos, ambassadors for Portugal

Pedro Queiros & Lourenco Macedo Santos, the pride of Portugal

It’s amazing what the power of social media and a good heart can do.

Pedro Queiros and Lourenco Macedo Santos were two Portuguese backpackers who have trailed their way into earthquake stricken Nepal. Their first response once the earthquake hit was to leave but then they discovered that they could be of help to those being affected by the tragedy.

The two took to Facebook where Pedro put up his banking details on his page so that people could donate money that they needed to help the Nepalis.

In the Ravaged village of Ichangu Narayan, people lined up to receive staples such as rice and oil, which can last a family up to 15 days.

So far, the two Portuguese spent about 10 000 Euros on supplies.
Of course, raising funds through social media can gain some suspicion but the two have a plan for that.

“If there’s any kind of suspicion about the money, I can guarantee you that nothing is going to happen. We’re going to make detailed reports about what we collect, about what we spend and we are doing that on a daily basis,” said Pedro.

“We are ambassadors for Portugal, we’re going to make them proud,” He added.

Check out: AP