Perez denies Ronaldo visits to the kickboxer

Perez denies Ronaldo visits to the kickboxer

Cristiano Ronaldo has been banned from frequently visiting close friend Badr Hari in Morocco, by none other than Real Madrid president Florentino Perez.

According to El Espanol, the Madeira-born forward has to stop seeing his friend, who he visits in Marrakech every afternoon after morning training and arrives back in Madrid in the evening. These visits have been occurring Monday to Thursday.


Perez has banned future jaunts and is sensationally counting on his friend the King of Morocco, Mohamed VI, to inform him if Ronaldo visits the country.

We’ll be the first to say that we’re smelling a whiff of abnormality here, particularly as the supposed reason for Perez’s decision to ban Ronaldo focuses on the idea that he’s annoyed with the Portuguese star’s lack of form.

In any case, Ronaldo’s friendship with Hari will be watched with intrigue by the masses. Exactly what that is, is anyone’s guess at the moment.

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