Petiscos not Tapas!

The art of petiscos

When eating in another country there are sometimes rules and regulations but Lisbon seems to have a real art about their cuisine.

Many people seem to make the mistake of calling finger foods tapas but when in Lisbon, you better not utter that word. Tapas is actually a Spanish expression for nibbles and snacks. But Portuguese, proud as they are prefer you use the word “petiscos”.

Petiscos is a great way to socialise over a beer or a glass of wine while casually reaching out to eat something with your hand.

When around the table, try the Portuguese snails, which are different from other snails you might have tried. What is great is that they are reasonably priced as well.

Pipis are chicken pieces which are stewed in tomato sauce, garlic and onions.

Iscas is an exotic dish comprising of pork liver which is drenched in white wine. It is accompanied by garlic and optional sliced onion with boiled potatoes and chips.

Of course there are many other dishes to try, like, fava beans,peixinhos da horta, cod fish, pasties de massa tenra and the list goes on.

But you cannot leave without having some dessert and Lisbon is known for making Pastel de Belém, which is their take on Pastel de Nata. The fact that it is made with a 200-year-old recipe should be more than enough reason to try them out.

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