Petrol drop for the season

Petrol drop for the season

If you own a set of wheels, you might be happy to know that the fuel price will be dropping considerably at midnight tonight.

Yip, just when you were celebrating the 45 cent drop in November and thought that it couldn’t get any better, it did. The Solidarity Research Institute projected last month that the price of fuel could drop by more than 70 cents but is actually coming down by 69 cents.

Even though the rand has weakened, the reason for the drop in fuel price is because of the decline in oil prices during the month of November.

This good news comes just before the holiday period. So don’t be afraid to drive further than you were expecting this festive season.

Chilton Mellem
Editor, With a National Diploma in Journalism from CPUT and experience as a newspaper reporter, Chilton shares Dino’s passion for the Portuguese community in South Africa.