Places of the Cape with Portuguese origins

Portuguese towns in the Cape

Plenty of places in Cape Town pay homage to its rich history and ever so often we are unaware of the origin of places. As you know by now, the Portuguese were the first Europeans to come to the Cape and so rightfully, there are places painted with their mark. Three of them happen to be Monte Vista, Paternoster and Cape Agulhas.

The suburb of Monte Vista translates to “Mountain View” and was so named as Table Mountain is clearly visible from the area. Monte Vista is nestled between areas such as Goodwood, Edgemead and Plattekloof Glen.

If you are looking for a good get away, then the little town of Paternoster is a must for the list. With its beautiful white houses on the beach, it is one of the oldest fishing villages along the West Coast.

The name translates to “Our Father” in Latin and it is believed that its makes reference to prayers said by Catholic Portuguese seamen who got shipwrecked. Other people believe that it is named after the beads of the Khoi tribe which go by the same name.


Bartolomeu Dias is known for opening up a new sea route to India and as he passed he named this the “Cape of Storms”. However, little did he know that he had passed the southern-most tip of Africa when passing the Cape Agulhas.

If you know of any other places with a Portuguese origin, please leave us a comment below.