Portugal Fashion Re-Branded!


Portugal Fashion presented a new image at the 39th event, mirroring the re-positioning of the brand. A brand that encompasses the World, Fashion and new Catwalks. More cosmopolitan, contemporary and international.
12389-101886Coming up on its 40th event, Portugal Fashion opened the 39th national event with a new graphics identity. The re-branding is by the Creation agency which, with the new logo and new symbol gave the brand the global essence that is intrinsic to it, something the project did not have in its previous image

In fact, the most international project in national fashion began its journey 21 years ago, at an evening of fashion shows in Porto, at the national headquarters of ANJE – National Association of Young Entrepreneurs, the organizer of the event (nowadays Portugal Fashion is organised in partnership with ATP – Textile and Apparel Association of Portugal). In 1995, the project brought together a constellation of top models, such as Claudia Schiffer, Elle Macpherson, Linda Evangelista, Carla Bruni and Helena Christiansen. Since then, it has been on the most important catwalks in the world, continuing to export the best assets of national fashion, as reported by RTP.

For ANJE’s communications director, Rafael Alves Rocha, “the creation of a new visual identify for Portugal Fashion was justified by the re-positioning of the event. Portugal Fashion is now an eminently international, cosmopolitan and multicultural event and there is a need to reflect this new institutional stance in its graphics image”, sharing his opinion on the Imagens de Marca programme on SIC Notícias.

A concept blazing new trails for national fashion

According to Creation, the concept underlying the new brand is aimed at transmitting “a parade of textures and glances building up between beats and bars”. In fact, the two lines strategically placed between the lettering of the logo symbolize the catwalk, the stage, “a parade of senses and emotions that define the paths taken by fashion in Portugal, united on the ground they walk on”.383_85520914281115116239-500x300

The creative agency believes that this was a fundamental condition, bearing in mind that one of the aims of Portugal Fashion is “the promotion of designers from a sustainable business perspective”, without neglecting a more global positioning. To this end, “the new brand would definitely have to exude elegance and modernity and be an icon of the cosmopolitan”.

Bloom space also reformulates image

The graphics identity of the Bloom platform, dedicated to launching new designers, was also completely redesigned by the designer Moountain. Inspired by the cycle of seasons of the year (autumn, winter, spring and summer), the new graphics image of Bloom mirrors the seasonal nature of the Fashion phenomenon. The word Bloom means to flourish, blossom, glow. Taking this as a suggestion, the designer Moountain proposed “four variations of the logo”, like the four seasons of the year. The logo transmits “dynamics, inventiveness, creativity and vibration” which characterize this art form.

According to Rafael Alves Rocha, “Bloom needed a new visual identity that would reflect the way the project has become independent from Portugal Fashion. Nowadays, Bloom enjoys a certain amount of functional, conceptual and aesthetic independence which allowed it to have its own calendar at the 39th Portugal Fashion, for example”, he explained.Basically, a new visual language, more suitable to the international side of the project, for a name that remains in place: Portugal Fashion.