Portugal makes lynx history


A Pair of Iberian Lynxes have been released from human care into the Guadiana Valley Natural Park near Mértola.

One of the lynxes comes from a breeding centre in Silves, which is in Algarve and the other from Central Spain.

The Iberian Lynx is the most endangered species of feline in the world and with the release of the pair, Portugal has made history. They will now have the opportunity to reintegrate and get familiar with their freedom as well as adapt into their natural habitat.

Following the release of the two lynxes, there are further plans to increase the space in which the lynxes will roam as well as integrating more lynxes into the valley.

“Some of the cubs born at the CNRLI (breeding centre) in Silves have already been reintroduced successfully in Spain.
“Their reintroduction in the Guadiana Valley is being done with cubs from that same centre or from another Iberian centre as the programme works as a network with Spain and the best technical decisions, namely with regards to selecting the cubs for reintroduction and where they come from, are made jointly,” Said the Nature and Forest Conservation Institute.

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