Portugal plans Jewish naturalisation


The Jewish community in Portugal are waiting with bated breath for a law on naturalisation to become effective soon.

The law, which was passed in Parliament in 2013 will soon be up for approval in February. Final wording of the law could happen as soon as 6 February.

“We expect the law to be effective by mid-February or the beginning of March 2015,” said Jose Oulman Carp, who is the president of Lisbon’s Jewish community.

“the government will give nationality … to Sephardi Jews of Portuguese ancestry who belong to a tradition of a Portuguese-descended Sephardi community, based on objective prerequisites proving a connection to Portugal through names, language and ancestry,” according to the legislation.

The concentration of the Jewish community is strongest in Lisbon, with 800 somewhat members.

In Porto, the Jewish community is significantly smaller but seem to be more willing to take on this new law. Members have already filled in application forms, one being a former American model.

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