Portugal to join ex-smokers campaign

portugal joins ex smokers campaign

Are you struggling to kick the habit? You are not alone; many people in Europe have been trying to do the same thing.

The European Union has invested in a programme called “Ex-smokers are Unstoppable”. Portugal has been number three on the list of smokers who want to quit to join this programme. The United Kingdom and Spain have taken first and second place respectively.

The campaign has been made available in 28 different countries following its launch in 2011.

One of the main tools that the campaign makes use of is the iCoach, which is a free health digital platform available in 23 European languages.

“Unlike other digital health tools, the iCoach also focuses on those unwilling to quit and those with a high relapse risk. So far the results have been astonishing. More than 30 percent who start the programme quit smoking,” according to content provided.

About 700 000 people die every year in Europe as a result of smoking. This stat is higher than those who die in car accidents, crime and drug use.

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