Portugal’s action on road safety

portugal's traffic clamp down

Portugal is taking quite a stiff clamp down on road offenders with a new system they are adopting.

According to the National Road Safety Strategy, they are thinking of introducing a point system to road users. This will see that they get their licence confiscated should they surpass three to five serious offences over a course of five years.

With this initiative they hope to bring about a sense of driving awareness among road users.

The amount of time a licence could be taken would vary but there are some transgressions that are so serious that it could involve having to take a driving test all over again.

A list of almost 12000 drivers are already on the brink of losing their licence but it is recorded that only 41 drivers have completely lost their licence over a span of four years.

If you are wondering what serious offences Portuguese are doing, then wonder no more. The list includes, driving under the influence, speeding, overtaking on a solid white line, speaking on a cellphone and not stopping at red lights.

So far, this system is already in place in the United Kingdom and Spain.

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