Portugal’s internet consumption

Portugal's internet consumption

The Eurobarometer have done a little snooping and found out something really interesting.

According to them, they have discovered that almost half of Portuguese use the internet on a daily basis. The results of their survey were made public on Tuesday.

That’s right, a staggering 48 percent of Portuguese are surfing the net every day. So what happened to the rest of the statistics? Well, they claim that they never use the internet and 10 percent of them do not have any internet connection whatsoever.

So, the breakdown goes as follows: 93 percent access the internet through their computers, 38 percent, their smartphones, 22 percent make use of tablets and 3 percent, their televisions.

In today’s day and age one would think that social media has taken first place in the lives of people on the net, but social media has taken second place. Seems like the primary use of the internet in Portugal is still to send emails.

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