Portugal’s Salvador Sobral wins Eurovision


Portugal has won the Eurovision Song Contest for the first time, narrowly beating Bulgaria and Moldova in a nail-biting grand final.

The Eurovision Song Contest has gone back to basics, with a stripped-down jazz ballad taking the prize in the 2017 edition of the world-famous competition.

Hosted by Ukraine in Kiev, the contest featured a familiar high-tech stage using projections, fireworks and pyrotechnics to illustrate the 26 songs.

Salvador Sobral’s poignant song Amar Pelos Dois emerged victorious with the 27-year-old describing his win as a “victory for music”.

Portugal are the longest-running contestants never to have won the competition, despite trying for 53 years.

Salvador Sobral entry Amar Pelos Dois (Love For Both Of Us) by was the nation’s 50th song performed at Eurovision.

The winning song, which dominated the voting, made little use of the bells and whistles on offer in its staging, turning recent Eurovision history on its head.

There was a projected backdrop of a forest, but the focus was squarely on Sobral — whose sister Luisa wrote the song — standing on a smaller stage in the middle of the arena, surrounded by a hushed crowd.

Italy’s Francesco Gabbani song  that came second had been tipped as the winner since all the songs became known earlier this year was with Occidentali’s Karma.

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