Portuguese coffee culture

Portuguese coffee culture
Hooking up for a cup of coffee with a friend or for business might seem like the norm but nobody does it better than the Portuguese.
A cup of coffee seems to symbolise more than that and it has kind of become a way of life. Friends would invite each other out after lunch or during the mid afternoon, just to get together, but their time together can linger a little longer than usual. Sometimes their coffee dates, take them into the late evenings.
The Portuguese have taken it one step further by inviting their friends over to their homes for a good cup of coffee. Sometimes, these invites would be set for as late as 22:00 or even 23:00. This would be an option instead going out or have a full dinner.
In Lisbon a cup of coffee is referred to as a Bica which is an acronym for B (Beba) I (isto) C (com) A (açucar), in other words, “drink this with sugar”.
When it comes to espressos, the Portuguese don’t play around as they serve their customers in 30ml cup as opposed to the Italians with a 20ml cup.

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