Portuguese conspiracy in the UK

Portuguese cuisine trends in food culture

When it comes to fashion we all want to know what the latest trend is, but when it comes to food, it seems that the UK is following another trend.

Portuguese cuisine is taking the island by storm from dishes to dessert to wine.

“We’ve noticed a growing curiosity in Portuguese cuisine and culture as result of Portugal becoming a popular travel destination,” says Rita Cardoso, co-founder and director of The Portuguese Conspiracy.

Menus in restaurants have increased with Portuguese dishes such as Bacalhau, caldo verde and Alheira de Caça.

Deli treats seem to be booming as well with São Jorge and acorn-fed Barrancos.

When we think of Portuguese wine, the first thing that pops into our heads is Port but vinho verde, Douro and Alentejo are becoming more appealing as well.

Of course, what would life be without something sweet and nothing tops a good pastéis de nata. Lisboa Patisserie in west London claim to be the oldest Portuguese pastelaria in London and sell out by 2pm.

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