Portuguese Cortes de Cima, best in the world

Portuguese Cortes de Cima, best in the world

We all know by now that Portuguese are well-known for their love of wine and wine making. So, it should come as no surprise that a wine from Alentejo has been voted the world’s best by one of the most renowned international wine competitions.

The Cortes de Cima, a dry white wine from 2013 was acknowledged as being the best dry white wine in the Vinalies Internationales competition, which was held in none other than Paris. Not only was it the best white wine but it also got the most points in the entire competition and in every category.

Cortes de Cima outranked a somewhat 3500 other wines which were entered into the competition from 40 countries.

If you are interested in buying a bottle, then you can pick one up for a mere 10 Euros.

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