Portuguese filmmaker, Manoel de Oliveira, dies at 106

Portuguese filmmaker, Manoel de Oliveira, dies at 106

Imagine having a passion for something so great and having the potential for it but not being able to have your work exposed.

This happened to one of the world’s oldest filmmakers, Manoel de Oliveira, who died last week at the age of 106. His death was announced by the city of Oporto.

His film career was curtailed by the regime of  António de Oliveira Salazar, who led a repressive right-wing government. Manoel began his film career in the late 1920s, this was after he had dropped out of college. But before getting into the industry, he already showed characteristics of living an exciting life. He tried various things and showed promise as an athlete, he also tried his hand at being a race car driver and a trapeze artist.

As the Salazar government came to an end, he wasted no time and started working fervently on his films at the age of 60. He continued working till past his centenary and tried to capture the passions of life through topics such as love and death.

Manoel leaves behind a wife and two sons, a daughter and several grandchildren and great grandchildren.

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