Portuguese fundraising platform launches in UK

Portuguese fundraising platform launches in UK

About a year ago in Portugal an online fundraising and volunteering platform launched called eSolidar, it combines donation pages for individuals to raise money, celebrity auctions, a marketplace where individuals and charities can sell items, and volunteering opportunities.

So far the platform in Portugal has raised almost £70,000 and has nearly 500 charities signed up to use it.

Now the same online fundraising and volunteering platform has launched in the UK and aims to help charities raise money.

Marco Barbosa, executive director at eSolidar, said that he hoped the new platform would enable charities to fundraise in “new and different ways” but that it would also help to “raise awareness” and build engagement as people who wish to support charities can do so by setting up an online shop to sell items or search for volunteer opportunities.

There are no fees for donations and charities incur a 5 per cent commission fee when items are sold and 10 per cent fee on auctions. Charities that sign up before the end of the year will not be charged any fees for the first year.

The platform is working to make it possible to claim gift aid through the site, and in the interim is collecting information to pass on to charities so they can claim it.

Check out: civilsociety.co.uk