Portuguese Health Minister revokes fat tax

Portuguese Health Minister revokes fat tax

In an effort to help Portuguese consumers make more healthier decisions, a fat tax was suggested. This implied that anything unhealthy would have a higher tax.

But Portugal’s Health Minister, Paulo Macedo, said that a fat tax would not be the most effective solution.

“We don’t think that taxes on new foods will immediately result in the most positive consequences”, Macedo said in Lisbon.

He suggested that there should be better health information available to consumers so that they can make better informed decisions.

“We understand that, regardless of the taxes, particularly regarding products that contain too much salt, what is important is to put in place better information for the consumer. A work group is planned to liaise between the Ministries of Economy, Agriculture and Health, which I hope will start operating already this month, in order to take new steps in reducing salt contents”, he said.

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