Portuguese hotels may drop star rating system

Portuguese hotels may drop star rating system

When scouting for a good hotel for your accommodation, one of the best ways of checking is to see how many stars a hotel has.

Whether it is three, four or five, this is a clear indication of what kind of accommodation you can expect from an establishment.

Now, Portuguese Secretary of State for Tourism, Adolfo Nunes is planning on doing away with the star rating system.

“We are working with the (hotel) sector and are in the final stages of completing the new rules,” Nunes said.

This is all in an effort to encourage all hotels to meet minimum requirements and encourage them to keep a certain standard of service by raising competition.

However, not everyone has agreed with this system and the Portuguese Hoteliers Association, AHP is one of them.

“We don’t see any interest in this. The system we had was good. We don’t even know if anybody will want to lose their star rating,” said Luís Veiga, president of AHP.

Planning for the new system is scheduled to take place as soon as September.

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