Portuguese, leaders in mind control

Portuguese, leaders in mind control

What happens when you combine science fiction with technology? Something simply extraordinary, that I can guarantee.
In Portugal, a drone has made history by being flown without a remote control or joystick. The craft was controlled with nothing more than the power of the mind of the pilot.

“It’s the first time we’ve done a public demonstration of a real flight, that’s completely unprecedented,” said Ricardo Mendes, project coordinator of Tekever Brainflight project.

It was said that controlling the craft took some mental effort but eventually, the pilot would be able to master it and it would become as simple as driving a car.

“We use a cap that captures from the skin surface the electrical activity that goes on inside the brain. We take those signals and transmit them into the computer which converts them into visible cursor movements that you can see on the screen,” said the Foundation’s Rui Costa.

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