Portuguese mini vegetables very popular

Besides the existing lines of mini vegetables from France and South Africa, BUD Holland has recently started to carry Portuguese mini vegetables. “The Portuguese mini vegetables are available all year round, although we can’t influence situations such as the heavy snow fall and frost last January. This meant that supply was very tight at the start of the year,” says Judith Haarman.

The mini carrots and mini beets from Portugal are available all year round, the supply of mini turnip, parsnip and salsify stops in the months June to September. We have arrivals of the Portuguese mini vegetables twice a week. The production is now in full swing and yet it remain a challenge to supply everyone. Mini vegetables are very popular at the moment,” says Judith.

“We see that mini vegetables don’t just sell well on the Dutch market, but also that the exporters like to work with these products. We have something for every customer with the mini vegetables from multiple countries. Everyone has preferences in length and colour. This makes the Portuguese mini vegetables a real addition to our assortment.”