Portuguese music label looking for Portuguese Bands


If you are a Portuguese band looking to make it big this could be your opportunity, as the Portuguese label, Ethereal Sound Works is looking for talented rock & metal bands from Portugal to represent.

Ethereal Sound Works is an independent Portuguese label created in 2003 by four music enthusiasts. Their mission is to support and release Portuguese bands and artists.

Some of the bands they work with include: And Then We Fall, Artic Fire, Celtic Dance, Chapa Zero, Dark Wings Syndrome, Dream Circus, Fadomorse, Hourswill, The Levities, Love Lies Eternal, Mandíbula, The Melancholic Youth of Jesus, My Deception, Neonírico, OZ, Painted Black, PhaZer, Prison Flag, PunkSinatra, and many more.

They are currently accepting Rock & Metal submissions from Portuguese bands only. Deadline is June 17, 2016. Selected Music Clout users will be eligible for label representation.

To submit go to: musicclout.com