According to Passport Index 2017 of the Henley & Partners consultant, the Portuguese passport is among the best in the world, sharing the fifth position of the world ranking with the passports of Ireland, South Korea and the United States. Portuguese passport-carrying citizens can travel to 173 countries without visa or visa on arrival.

For the fifth consecutive year, Germany appears in the first place (177 countries where it is possible to enter without a visa), followed by Singapore, which moved from the fourth to the second place. Afghanistan remains last (24 countries), preceded by Iraq, Libya and other Middle Eastern countries.

European countries continue to command the ranking. Denmark, Finland, France, Italy, Sweden and the United Kingdom, and Japan, in Asia, share third place. Fourthly, Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg, Holland, Spain and Switzerland.

North Korea went down a position from 94 to 95 (alongside Ethiopia and South Sudan) in a total of 104 countries, and Russia went from 51 ยบ to 48 in 2018.

The United States has descended two positions in relation to last year. Angola has risen three positions from 90 to 87, which means that an Angolan can enter without a visa in 48 countries.