Portuguese scientist heads Parkinson’s research


A Portuguese scientist and lecturer at the Coimbra University are aiming to find a solution to Parkinson’s and Machado-Joseph disease with his latest research project.

Coimbra University said in a statement that it is the largest global initiative of its kind to try and combat these kinds of diseases and find a solution to treating them.

Luis Pereira Almeida, the Portuguese researcher who will be leading the three year project has appointed an entire Portuguese research team of two dozen research teams which will come from universities such as Luxembourg and Paris Descartes.


“The research aims to study the interaction that autophagy (a cleaning mechanism within the cell) establishes with the secretion of exosomes (vesicles expelled by cells), and how they contribute to the spread of the disease to other brain cells,” Luis said.

The Budget for the EU Joint Programme-Neuro degenerative Disease Research approved project is said to be set at 750 000 Euros.

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